Thursday, November 30, 2006

Only Ten Times Better?

- sent by Gary Gray.


Not only does Gregg Marx have a great voice, but he's very funny, too. As the grandson of Gummo Marx, maybe it's in his genes.

Here are a few of the new expressions (with handy definitions) that we came up with while rehearsing for his recent nightclub performances:

Cha Cha Rubato - noun - 1. An energetic yet relaxed Latina friend. 2. A special, new musical groove.
Freely Galore - noun - 1. A woman who is not just James Bond's secretary. 2. Ubiquitous rubato sections in the music.
Cheeseball Adjacent - adjective - Borderline unhip (inspired by uninspiring yet authentic sheet music.)

Many more neologisms to come.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So you love music?

Well, you picked a good planet.

You can't get away from music anywhere on Earth. Especially singers.

Here in this blog, The Wit and Wisdom of Singers and Musicians, we'll be talking in particular about the experiences of singers and musicians in musical theatre and concert, and checking out their cleverness.

I'm John Sawoski, pianist and musical director, and I have the privilege to be your host. I hope you can spend a few moments here from time to time.